How to remove dog hair from clothes?


This is a real inconvenience when you own a dog, our clothes are often covered in their hair and we have trouble removing it. Even after our clothes have been machine washed, some hair may remain. So we’re going to give you some tips on how to easily remove pet hair from your clothes.

How to remove dog hair from your clothes?

Choose your clothes well.

Depending on the texture of the clothing, the hair will stick more or less easily. Wool materials, for example, are very attractive to hair. They can then stick to your wool and it can be very difficult to get the hairs out of the fabric. Therefore, it is best to avoid this material when you have a dog that sheds a lot. On the other hand, denim or some other more synthetic material may not attract hair, so the hair will not stick to this type of clothing.

The color of clothing is also important. If your dog has a black coat, it is recommended to avoid all white clothing. On the other hand, you should avoid dressing white dogs in black. Also, in some colors, such as yellow or blue, the hair is less pronounced.

Use a roller with adhesive strips.

Rubber rollers are certainly the best known method of removing hair from dog clothes. The advantage is that you can find anti-hair cots almost anywhere; supermarkets, pet stores, the internet, etc. These rollers are really helpful if you have a dog that sheds infrequently or has short coats. However, they don’t always work when you have a dog with a thick coat. Unless you’re using multiple rollers to remove all hairs from one piece of clothing.

Remove dog hair with a pimple brush made for textiles.

This is a brush with rubber bristles. It is sold exclusively for dog owners to remove hair from clothing. The advantage of this brush is that it can be reused indefinitely, as it does not need to be recharged or replaced like a rubber roller. When you run this brush through your clothes, the bristles collect, along with dirt or hair, and you just pick them up. Such brushes can be found at pet stores or specialty websites.

Put the clothes in the dryer.

After washing the washing machine, putting the clothes in the dryer will remove most hairs. Here’s a simple and easy solution that effectively removes pet hair from clothing.

final words 

We love our pets more than anything, but shedding them every day can become a real torture. Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and taking him in for grooming when she’s shedding will help reduce shedding. That way, your clothes won’t get dirty with pet hair.
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