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15 most beautiful and famous dog in the world

15 most beautiful and famous dog in the world Introduction Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend for many reasons. They are loyal, loving, and have a special ability to bring joy and happiness into our lives. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds, each with their own unique traits and characteristics. In […]

 Did you know NY has a luxurious terminal for animals? Air travel these days is hard enough for humans, with long delays, misplaced baggage, and decreasing facilities. Yet, what is it with animals? They have to travel too, after all, often under seats or in an uncomfortable and disturbing cargo hold. John F. Kennedy of

  Dog Won’t Leave Woman Alone – When Husband Discovers Why, He Calls The Police. When George and his girlfriend Zoey agreed to watch Rex, their friend Cory’s dog, they never expected things to go the way they did. It all started off well enough, and Rex seemed like a  perfectly behaved dog. But George

 Dogs have always been the favorite choice for pet owners. A young family adopted a dog as a companion for their son. Bobby is a juvenile cockatoo canine. Cockapoos are known for being sweet and good-tempered which made Bobby the best candidate for the family. George and Kyla, a young couple from Sydney, Australia, sought

We know that every word counts because it allows dogs and humans to understand us. In dog training, some of these words have become increasingly derogatory over time. That’s why sometimes it’s better to use one word over another. This will give the dog or the person in front of us a better understanding. In

There can be many reasons why your dog is shaking or trembling. Shaking in dogs is not uncommon and can have many causes, such as when they are excited or trying to dry their fur. You often need to look in context to find out exactly why your dog is shaking: it doesn’t always mean

One of the best ways for dog owners who really want to take their relationship with their dog to the next level is to focus on the dog’s least welcome sense…his incredible nose. This may be because we don’t see the world the way our dogs do. We don’t understand how important the sense of

Dog voices are the way to communicate, and even they are often heard differently because of their fear of dogs: to express their reasons, because it will happen, to be protected by or fear, or to end an unpleasant situation. This article will describe this situation in detail. You can hear all about grunts so

How do dogs perceive the world? Like many other dog owners, this question has probably been asked to myself many times. PURINA has the answer for you! Find out if dogs can see color, how they see the world, and how a dog’s vision differs from ours!  How is a dog’s eyesight? Compared to human

狗天生善于交际,渴望陪伴——这就是它们与我们相处得如此融洽的原因。让狗独处可能很困难:如果没有教他如何处理独处,它可能会导致与分离相关的问题,通常称为分离焦虑、分离压力或害怕独处。 继续阅读以识别狗分离焦虑的常见症状,并通过我们有用的指南了解如何帮助它们克服它。 为什么狗会产生分离焦虑? 通常狗主人认为他们的狗在独自一人时的行为是一种烦恼或无礼的表现,然而,这只是恐惧。当狗没有被教导必要的应对策略来处理独处时间时,就会出现分离焦虑。为了更好地了解这种感觉,您可以将其与人类惊恐发作进行比较。 对付一只不能独处的狗是非常困难的。事实上,这可能是狗最难克服的行为障碍之一。然而,与许多行为问题一样,预防胜于治疗,这就是为什么你应该从一开始就训练你的小狗。 在大多数情况下,这种恐惧从一开始就表现在小狗身上。主人对他们的新小狗感到非常兴奋,以至于当它想到处跟着他们时他们很高兴。当然,这种联系很重要,但如果你让他一直和你在一起,这也是你的小狗一生所期望的。那么,如果你突然离开他,没有你,狗的世界就会崩溃。 狗分离焦虑的症状 狗的分离焦虑症状从轻微到极端不等,可能包括以下内容: 离开房间时过度吠叫和/或嚎叫。 咀嚼物体和其他不良行为 家庭培训的损失 在门上抓挠 穿过“桌子和长凳”。 过度喘气和流口水 试图逃跑 (自动)攻击性行为   从一开始就摆脱狗的分离焦虑 让你的狗意识到他可以考虑你 从你把狗带回家的那一刻起,他就需要知道他可以相信你会在他身边。但也有一些时候他不能一直和你在一起——这很好。进入另一个房间并让他一个人呆几分钟,让你的狗习惯这一点。最好有一个有趣的分心,比如他的晚餐或款待。 不要大惊小怪 只是安静地离开,然后回到你的狗身边,不要大惊小怪。从一开始就让你的来来去去成为生活中自然的一部分,让狗狗觉得每分钟都不和你在一起不是灾难。 慢慢靠近 你应该慢慢开始让你的小狗独自呆五分钟,然后是 10 分钟,然后是 30 分钟。增加这个直到你缺席一个小时。但始终确保缓慢而谨慎地进行培训。 分离焦虑的玩具或零食 让你的狗在一个完全安全的地方让他感到舒适,让他专注于一些可以分散他注意力的事情。充其量,如果你给狗吃点好吃的东西,他甚至可能会认为你的缺席是他真正期待的积极的事情。使用装满他最喜欢的零食或玩具的食物球。 使用技术 使用应用程序在家中设置网络摄像头,这样您就可以在外出时在智能手机上观看您的狗。这样,您就可以放心,您的狗做得很好。 你现在已经告诉你的狗,独处是安全的。但请记住,狗需要陪伴和社交接触,如果他要定期独自呆上几个小时,没有一只狗会高兴!  治疗狗的分离焦虑 预防狗分离焦虑比处理现有问题更容易。以下是对患有分离焦虑症的成年犬的帮助: 首先从基础开始。你的小狗如何处理远离你的时间?在此训练阶段,尽可能缩短与您分离的时间。一般来说,你的狗最好不要一个人呆着,所以你可能需要一个宠物保姆或朋友来帮助你。 当您有时开始让您的小狗独自一人时,请非常缓慢地建立间隔 – 并使用网络摄像头,以便您知道您的狗很放松。 让他一个人呆着,带一个安全的互动玩具(如填充食物球)并打开收音机或电视。 当你离开他时,确保你的狗累了。与未充分利用的能量束不同,他更有可能只是入睡。最好事先让他走足够多的路,或者让他参加一场激动人心的比赛。 不要对你是去还是回来大惊小怪。通过这种方式,您可以向您的狗传达来来往往是自然的事情。 尝试改变你的告别程序,这样你的狗就不会习惯它并害怕你已经离开。 如果您的狗有更严重的与分离相关的问题,您应该询问您的兽医,或联系经认可的行为学家,以帮助您制定治疗方法来克服问题。 在获得之前,请意识到狗是社交动物。如果您经常不得不长时间让您的狗独自一人,那么最好重新考虑养狗是否真的是一个好主意。 有关如何防止您的狗表现出不良行为的更多提示和技巧,请阅读我们的深入指南,了解如何打破咬、啃和跳跃的小狗。如果您要养一只新小狗,也请查看我们的欢迎新小狗回家指南!

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