Dog Won’t Leave Woman Alone – When Husband Discovers Why, He Calls The Police



Dog Won’t Leave Woman Alone – When Husband Discovers Why, He Calls The Police.

When George and his girlfriend Zoey agreed to watch Rex, their friend Cory’s dog, they never expected things to go the way they did. It all started off well enough, and Rex seemed like a  perfectly behaved dog. But George started to worry when Rex began displaying weird behavior around Zoey. He would often jump on her and wouldn’t leave her side. So George decided to keep a close eye on his girlfriend


But what he found out will change their lives forever…

Worried, George had kept a close eye on his girlfriend Zoey for the past several days. There must be some reason for Rex to start acting so strangely around her. He called Cory to ask about the dog’s behavior, just in case it was Rex acting out because he missed his owner, but Cory said Rex had never behaved like this. George knew something odd was going on, but he needed proof.

One morning while making breakfast, George saw a message pop up on Zoey’s phone where she’d left it on the kitchen counter. Ignoring the little voice telling him to respect her privacy, he unlocked the phone and goes to her last message. It was to someone he didn’t know; the number wasn’t even saved. It read “George can’t know about this. I will tell him when the time is right.” Hearing Zoe coming downstairs, George locked the phone and put it back on the counter. What was going on? What wasn’t Zoe telling him ? 

As the events of the next few days unfolded, George soon felt like he had all the evidence he needed to feel suspicious. Her sneaking away late at night, his disconnected feelings toward her, the dog’s strange habit of jumping on her, and the mysterious text message. He called the police, and they confronted Zoey.

George’s best friend Cory was traveling abroad for a work trip for several weeks and was unable to take his beloved Doberman, Rex, with him. Normally, Cory would leave Rex with a dog sitter, but the sitter he usually used had to cancel last minute due to a family emergency. With no time left to interview a new dog sitter, George became Cory’s last hope. He had no other option than to seek his friend’s help.

As soon as Cory got the call from his dog sitter that she wouldn’t be able to come as planned, he made his way to George’s house. He explained the situation and practically begged George if he would be able to dogsit Rex for a week or two. Initially, George was hesitant as he wasn’t sure how his girlfriend, Zoey, would react to the idea. She’d met Rex a few times, but had said previously that big dogs made her nervous.

Thankfully, partway through the conversation, Zoey arrived home and both George and Cory were able to ask for her input directly. Cory explained that Rex was an old police dog and therefore was very well-trained and well-behaved. Both George and Cory assured Zoey that she didn’t need to be worried or frightened of the dog at their house. However, unknown to George, Rex’s behavior was not the cause of his girlfriend’s worry.

It took a little bit of convincing, but Zoey was reassured enough that she agreed to dogsitting Rex while Cory was away on his work trip. They called Cory and told him they would be happy to take Rex this one time. It couldn’t become a regular thing though. Cory assured them that it would be the only time he asked and he was very grateful that theyagreed to dogsit Rex. A few days later, he came by to drop off Rex and his stuff.

Even though Rex was a big Doberman with a bit of a scary, intimidating appearance, he was as perfectly behaved as Cory had promised. The dog listened to all the commands George and Zoey gave him, stayed close when they went out for walks whether he was on a leash or not, and was generally very quiet around the house. Rex would even sit, shake, roll, and perform many other tricks at intervals.

As Rex settled into his temporary new home, George kept hoping that Zoey would come to relax around the dog. Thankfully, it only took a few days for Zoey to stop feeling nervous around Rex and actually began to enjoy having the Doberman around the house. However, she laid down a few ground rules: George would walk Rex every morning, afternoon, and night while she would be in charge of feeding Rex and picking up any of his toys.

Once Zoey had set out the ground rules, George gladly agreed, enjoying getting out of the house with the dog several times a day. Everything went well for the first few days and the three fell into an easy rhythm. Everyone was happy with how things were going and Rex was also having a great time at George’s house. But this didn’t last for long. George soon noticed that Rex had started to act very strangely…

After a few days of Rex staying in George’s house, the couple began noticing the dog was acting strangely. He began to bark in the middle of the night or come claw at the bedroom door. However, when George tried to take him out into the garden, thinking he might need the bathroom, the dog would refuse to leave the house. Sometimes, he would pace back and forth in front of the couch when Zoey was watching TV or sit and stare at her for a long time. The new behavior began to worry the couple so much that George called Cory about the situation.

Confused by Rex’s behavior, Cory tried to reassure his friends. It was already stressful for Rex that Cory was away, but this time he didn’t even get to stay home with the dogsitter that he already knew. This time he was staying with strangers and was in a new place. That all made sense to George and Zoey. They decided to trust Cory’s judgment and after a few more days, Rex began to calm down and started behaving like a normal dog again. The pair were relieved. They had no idea it wouldn’t last.

Once Rex returned to his normal, polite self, the couple began to relax back into the routine they had built with the friendly Doberman. However one morning, Rex entered the couple’s bedroom while Zoey was getting ready. Zoey didn’t think much of the dog’s appearance as he often watched her doing everyday things. She carried on with putting on her socks, only to look up just in time to see Rex do something very strange.

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