8 foods that cause cancer to avoid



Prevent cancer by excluding the following seven foods from your menu. Find better options and become healthier.

For every person over the age of thirty who eats these foods a lot, especially number 8, must reduce them because they may lead to cancer.

Each of us has a friend or relative who has had cancer or died, so we must protect ourselves from this dangerous disease.

Are you looking for the most cancer-filled foods? This article will explain to you which foods cause cancer. Let’s get started!


1. Farmed Fish

 There’re too many species of farmed fish (if not all) that are stuffed with inhumane chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics. Farmed fish is given the wrong foods and it is usually GMO. To make the fish grow faster, manufacturers use various methods and techniques that are harmful to our health.

2. Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables

If you like fruit, it does not yet mean that you are healthy and fit. It all depends on the quality of fruits and vegetable you consume on a daily basis. Only organic food can bring health benefits while their non-organic species are very harmful and cause cancer.


3. Canned Food

The amount of BPA is exactly what makes canned food so terribly unhealthy. This is a chemical that is widely used in the food industry. It is used in bottles and cans. Now we know that this element increases the risk of developing cancer. Do not believe manufacturers who claim that BPA is harmless. The fact is that this chemical kills you.

4. Fast food: may expose you to cancer

Several studies have shown that eating a lot of red meat can cause cancer-causing substances to spread throughout the body faster.

  It is a major cause of colon cancer. So eat more lean meat and use healthy cuts of meat.

Some people swear up and down that they will never eat red meat again, and that there are many health risks involved.

  While these claims may be true, you have to remember that there are many benefits to eating this type of meat. It contains a lot of vitamins, iron as well as protein.

Often combined with things like cheese, it’s another source of iron.

5. Diet Soda

 The surest way to lose extra pounds is to start counting calories. We reduce the amount of food and then we start watching how many calories we consume. Instead of regular soda you opt for a can of diet soda. Unfortunately, the aspartame that diet sodas contain leads to serious health issues, cancer included.

6. Hot Dogs 

The fact is that hot dogs are as unhealthy as lunch meat. Hot dogs also cause cancer. This food is rich in sodium phosphate – the chemical that kills your body cells. Processed meat is one of the reasons why the country loses more than 35,000 citizens every year.

7. White Flour

 Whether you like sugar or addicted to products made with white flour, you significantly increase the risk of developing cancer. All tumors love simple carbs – this is their main food and thanks to white flour and sugar they rapidly grow. White bread is made using white flour and the flour is bleached with chemicals.

8. Eggs: cause cancer

It is known that people with high cholesterol in particular have a higher chance of developing cancer. Egg yolks are rich in cholesterol and vitamin A, both of which are cancer-causing agents.

 So if you are going to eat this, make sure to choose the healthy variety and always choose the organic variety if you can. Avoiding eggs completely can be difficult because most restaurants serve them. But if you can find a vegan, you should at least be able to reduce your egg consumption without harming your health.

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