Offer a dog for Christmas. a bogus good idea


 Some people think that giving a dog to a friend or family member for Christmas is the best gift. While the original intention is honorable, offering someone a creature can quickly become a bad idea. Living with animals must always be a deliberate act, as many people are abandoned each year for lack of reflection on the impact of living with dogs. In this article we’ll find out if providing a dog makes sense.

Serving dogs at Christmas: A bad idea

What should you consider before offering a dog for Christmas?

It is first necessary to check that the person who welcomes the puppy or dog is ready to accept it. So it is recommended to explore it well by asking lots of questions. Example: Is this person ready and able to have a dog? Is his environment and schedule suitable for living with a dog? Does it meet all your dog’s needs? and many more.

Dedicating a Dog for Christmas: Can We Really Estimate Desires and Capabilities?

When you offer a dog, it’s hard to be 100% sure that the person who welcomes him will feel the desire. Only his direct approval can assure you that it’s a good idea, but it’s no longer a surprise. Giving an animal to someone who didn’t choose it can quickly become a toxic gift. In fact, the person may feel obligated to take on the dog, but have no desire to do so. However, by doing so reluctantly, she may not be able to care for the dog as much as he needs. In this situation, everyone loses because both the man and the dog are affected by the situation.

Do dog breeds match people?

In another situation, the person may choose not to have a dog. The latter has the potential to  end up in a SPAYou should know that giving up is not trivial. In fact, it was a very distressing event, and many dogs developed behavioral problems as a result.

There are other issues to consider when a person wishes to offer a dog. You have to ask yourself if the breed lives up to the expectations of the future owner. For example, consider the presence of children. Are known dog breeds  good for families  or better for singles? Often you have to wonder if it was wiser for him to choose his puppy/dog himself.

Can we give our kids a puppy/dog for Christmas?

Sending a dog for Christmas means thinking carefully beforehand. The arrival of a new puppy/dog into the home must be done calmly, as it may have been disturbed by environmental changes. However, the kids who spot the puppy/dog under the tree will no doubt be very excited to find it. This overly intense enthusiasm may scare off the puppy/dog who would be able to associate the children with this unpleasant event. Their life together may degenerate because the puppy/dog is afraid of them.

Also, it is necessary to plan who will take care of the puppy / dog, since there is no problem leaving this task to children. The latter can only assume certain things based on his age. For example, he can feed puppies/dogs. However, no matter what a child is asked to do, adults must always make sure the task is done.

last words:

Providing for a dog should be a deliberate act where you have to consider everything it needs. A dog asks for a lot of concessions, whether it’s the time we have to give him, the financial cost of that, or taking on the everyday inconveniences like hair loss and daily outings. So it’s unreasonable to offer someone an animal, because you’re running the risk of gift poisoning. Prevent dogs from being abandoned;  just one piece of advice: let the person decide and don’t offer the dog!

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