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 Veterinary appointments can be a stressful time for both dogs and owners. A dog’s stress is often due to his first vet appointment as a puppy. It was during that first visit that he received his first vaccination, as well as his microchip. Both actions can be painful, and the dog remembers the trauma. Additionally, an anxious owner can pass on this feeling to his dog. Here are some tips to make visiting the vet less stressful.

Vet Appointments: Make It All Go!

Vet Appointments:  Getting Your Dog Used to Handling 

Once you get your dog or puppy it is advisable to teach him  how to handle  it. This can be done during cuddling moments or while brushing your teeth. It’s a matter of making this contact positive, encouraging the dog with your voice and giving him treats. It’s a moment of sharing that must always be enjoyable for a dog or puppy. That’s why you should stop petting or brushing if he becomes impatient after a few minutes. Let’s start again when he calms down. An unaccustomed dog will not accept being handled by a stranger. This will inevitably cause problems during visits to the veterinarian.

Using and Teaching Your Dog’s Medical Training 

We can consider medical training before going to the vet. This is a method widely used in zoos with wild animals. This technique involves caring for animals only with their consent. Animals were taught to remain still in positions that allowed care. If he leaves the pose, we stop the reward, but the manipulation stops. In this way, the animal learns that manipulation stops when it no longer wishes to be manipulated. When he accepts them, he gets encouragement through rewards. This learning is done upstream when the animal is not harmed in any way. With medical training, it is possible to treat all animals, even the most inaccessible. Some veterinarians do medical training during consultations,

Choose the Right Veterinarian Before Your Visit

Choosing the right veterinarian is an important step before visiting. You need to choose a method that will gently touch your dog. If your dog is uncomfortable with the vet, I would suggest changing to see if the agreement with someone else is better. For example, some dogs prefer to interact with females rather than males. Therefore, it is important to have confidence in your veterinarian and his brutality towards your dog should not be tolerated. Sometimes it’s better to go the extra miles to find a veterinarian we trust.


On the day you have your vet appointment with your dog, try not to pass on your stress to him. If necessary, plan to use natural medicine a few days before your appointment. This may involve using homeopathy  or using Bach flowers. Both your dog and yourself can receive these treatments.

We also recommend home training to teach him how to handle it. You can show potential problems, such as grooming his paws or ears. To help you, you can use a lick pad to occupy your dog while handling it. In this way, the operation process will be more pleasant for him.

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