The impact of confinement on our dogs

The sensitive period of  puppy socialization  is an important stage of its development, during which it is necessary to allow him to live the best possible experiences. Currently, confinement forces us to stay at home as much as possible and move around where we live. Therefore, our closed environment may not be lively enough to socialize our pup well. This can cause learning delays.

Effects of confinement on our dogs


Negative effects of confinement on dogs:

This lack of socialization can cause the dog to be less comfortable around new environments, strangers, or unfamiliar dogs. This leads to fear and unsafe behavior. A lack of socialization in some dogs can cause them to be reactive or aggressive when faced with the unknown. Fortunately, it’s never too late to re-socialize, however, it may take these dogs longer to accept their new surroundings.

What solutions can be put in place to overcome this lack of socialization?

It is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity of lifting restrictions to take the dog or puppy to new places as much as possible. Group dog walks can also be planned. If your friends or family don’t have dogs, some groups organize dog parties, especially on Facebook or apps dedicated to group dog walks.


In the name of socialization, however, it’s not a matter of abusive immersion with your dog. That said, it shouldn’t get too close to what he’s afraid of. Properly socializing your animal includes adapting to its emotional state. Then the situation that will be presented to him must be experienced as positively as possible. If a dog has a bad experience with a situation, it is advisable to move away from it and return him to his comfort zone. Once reassured, we can reapproach by diverting his attention from what triggered his fear. You can distract him with his toys or treats. In this way, you will be positive about the situation.

Positive effects of confinement on dogs:



Confinement doesn’t just have negative effects on dogs. For example, a dog recovering from  reactivity or  aggression may experience this calm period more peacefully. These calmer times allowed him not to face his fears, which was good for his recovery. To be able to learn, the mind needs to be calm and recharged, and sometimes it takes a while to do this.

Another positive point of this restriction; undoubtedly  , it is the extra time owners have to spend with their dogs. They can then use it to teach their dog new tricks, improve its obedience, or discover new games to play together.


last words:

Dogs, like humans, we lack socialization. So we have to deal with our troubles patiently and take the time that is given to us and use it wisely. For example, you can introduce your dog to new and fun activities: hiding his food and teaching him to find it, making him a search pad (or snuff pad), or even using home accessories to do an obéjump.

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