Mom Discovers Secret To Eliminating Fleas Without an Exterminator or Harsh Chemicals


 Sherry Wallace had never been so excited in her life. Their family just adopted a beautiful dog from the shelter, and they were so happy to make her a new part of the family.

Right off the bat, Sadie was the sweetest most energetic dog you could meet. But as the days passed, Sadie seemed to get weaker and weaker.

One day, Sherry was playing with Sadie when all of the sudden, she got quiet and put down her toy. In seconds, Sadie was whimpering and scratching herself. Sherry looked all over her and found a furless red splotch covered in disgusting fleas.

“Those bugs”, Sherry said “Had her crying in pain

She spent the next few hours trying to pluck each and every bug off Sadie’s raw skin but to no avail. “I felt so bad for her. I’d never seen an animal suffer so badly” Sherry said. ‍

She knew that if she didn’t solve the problem quick that it could give poor Sadie a disease or spread the infestation to the family’s bed and couches. So she decided to look for solutions.

“I tried everything under the sun”, Sherry said “I tried picking the bugs out, but they were too small. I bought expensive flea meds, but that seemed to make her side effects worse. Last, I took her to a vet. It did help, but days later they came back”

Feeling defeated and with no way to keep her Sadie safe from fleas, Sherry felt hopeless.

But little did she know, help was right at her front door. Literally.

Their neighbor was at the front door asking for something. Though Sherry wasn’t up for the visit, she let him in anyway. ‍

 Not 5 minutes passed when he saw Sadie behind them. She was curled up in a ball and shrieking in pain and I told him all about her fleas.

He said “Sorry, I shouldn’t stay long” and ran out the door. “But then she heard a knock on the door minutes later. I thought, “Oh no, she called animal control on me.”

 ‍ Her neighbor was back with this green bottle in his hand. He walked inside, put water in the bottle, and started spraying everything in sight. The dog’s bed, the couch, all the mattresses.

Trust me. This bottle works like magic.”

“Well,” Sara says, “it worked. The next day I expected to see Sadie suffering again. But something strange happened. She wasn’t. I checked her fur and didn’t see fleas anywhere. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.”


Her husband said “Wow. She’s the happiest I’ve ever seen! What did you do?”“I told him our neighbor gave me this green bottle that said ‘BugMd’ on them. It kills bugs on contact, but it’s people and pet-friendly.” That night, Sherry took Sadie for a walk. She wagged her tail the whole time.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “Sadie’s no longer in so much pain I even ordered a few refills and sprayed it on her bed and around the whole house to make sure they never came back.

The clever little trick that eliminates bugs from your home

BugMd is a plat-powered pest control spray that eradicates fleas and ticks. It’s formulated with 2 essential oils proven to wipe out hordes of these annoying creatures.
 ‍ Clove oil acts as the first line of defense against a flea and tick invasion. Not only does clove oil irritate bugs, it works as an effective insecticide1. As a garden specialist at Clemson University, Karen Russ says: eugenol — the essential oil found in cloves — kills insects on contact. ‍ If you ask many farmers, they’ll tell you cottonseed oil has the greatest insecticide among naturally derived oils. It’s been used in agriculture for centuries to ward off all kinds of insects and pests.
 That’s why BugMd’s expertly crafted formula contains cottonseed oil: to make a potent plant powered solution for even terrible insect infestations. Unlike chemical sprays, BugMd plant-based active ingredients so it’s safe for children & pets when used as directed. Best of all, it’s super easy to use.
 Simply spray around pet areas like dog beds, kennels, couches, etc. — or you could spray directly on bugs to kill them on contact.

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